How A Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help You Protect Yourself


If you are considering pursuing a sexual harassment case against your employer, it can be really helpful to get a sexual harassment lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Here are a few ways that a sexual harassment lawyer can assist you and help you protect yourself throughout the experience that you are going through at work. #1 Document Your Harassment Your attorney can help you document all the harassment that you experience as well as all conversations that you have with your employer about the harassment that you experienced.

3 October 2016

Divvying Up An Estate? Two Reasons Why You Should Hire A Probate Attorney


If someone you know has recently passed away and has left behind an estate that must be divided up among survivors, you may think that the task can be handled without third party assistance.  However divvying up an estate can be an extremely intricate legal matter, and because of this, it's best to have the assistance of a qualified probate lawyer to help with the job.  Use this information to learn two reasons why you absolutely must hire a probate lawyer when you're settling an estate.

15 September 2016

The Best Ways To Reduce Litigation Risk During The Probate Process


One of the most common issues that family members worry about when handling probate matters is taxes. However, the biggest, and most expensive issue that family members should be concerned about is litigation. One of the goals of a probate attorney is to avoid unnecessary litigation and legal proceedings down the road. Estate litigation, especially in a case where it is alleged that there as undue influence, is especially challenging, since the most important witness is dead.

17 July 2016

A Few Common Questions Accident Victims May Need Answered


A serious accident can result in expensive medical costs and a lengthy recovery. Unfortunately, there are many victims of these accidents that may not fully understand their rights of what they should expect to encounter in a personal injury lawsuit. If you have been a victim in one of these accidents, you may want to have the following few questions about these cases answered.   What Types Of Damages Can You Pursue With A Personal Injury Case?

27 June 2016

Patent Law And Production: Understanding How Patents Affect Your Manufacturing Company


Manufacturing finished products on behalf of a third party can be financially beneficial. If you own a shop that uses the specifications provided by a customer to produce a final product, it's important to recognize the ways in which patent laws can apply to your business. To avoid a potential patent infringement lawsuit, here are three things you need to be aware of as you partner with your customers in the future.

2 March 2016

Common Defenses Against A Personal Injury Lawsuit


Common Defenses Against A Personal Injury Lawsuit If you find yourself on the defensive end of a personal injury lawsuit, you might find that there are a number of ways in which you and your lawyer can defend yourself. There are a few very common defenses that are employed by defense attorneys looking to win personal injury cases. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of them.

20 January 2016

Liability For DUI/DWI Can Extend Beyond The Driver


In the event of an auto accident involving an intoxicated driver, it's usually no question that the intoxicated driver is held responsible for causing the accident. However, the driver may not be the only party who can be held liable for any injuries and damages that occur. The following highlights several other parties that could be held responsible for their role in a DUI/DWI accident and why. Liquor-Serving Establishments If a bar, restaurant or other license establishment serves a patron alcohol and discovers that said patron intends to drive home while intoxicated, the establishment has a legal duty to prevent that person from driving home drunk.

18 November 2015