How To Prevent A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit


One of the unfortunate consequences of being wrongly accused of sexual harassment is that your reputation may be permanently tarnished. As unfair as it is, there are some individuals who will continue to assume that an individual accused of sexual harassment must be in some way guilty. But regardless of whether you survive the court of public opinion, you can still prove you are innocent in civil court. Be Careful with What You Say

16 September 2015

Three Tips to Make Sure Your Antique Cars Can Be Handled Quickly and Cheaply by an Estate Plan


While it can be enjoyable to drive, renovate, and perform maintenance on a set of antique cars, they're often a hassle for your family to sell or account for in taxes when you die. Since so many antique cars are fully or partially renovated, it can be very hard to place an exact monetary value on them without expert knowledge of their internal workings. To make the lives of your family members easier, make sure your antique cars can be handled quickly and cheaply by an estate plan with these three tips.

15 September 2015

Divorce Is Never Easy: 4 Ways To Help Your Children Through The Process


Marital problems can be difficult for children, especially if they don't understand what's going on. If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, it's important that you sit down with your children as soon as possible. Before you discuss the divorce, you should know that how you tell them is as important as what you tell them. Here are four steps that will help you prepare your children for the divorce.

10 September 2015

How Can You Seek Guardianship Of An Elderly Parent?


If you've recently begun providing daily assistance to a parent who is no longer able to fully care for him- or herself, you may be wondering how best to proceed. Obtaining long-term nursing care for your parent when you're no longer able to do these tasks yourself can be an expensive prospect -- you may need to sell your parent's home or liquidate his or her retirement accounts to pay for private care.

4 September 2015

Attorney-Client Privilege: Can You Speak Freely?


Hiring an attorney can be a stressful event, without even taking into account the circumstances that may have led you to do so. You know you should be honest and forthcoming with your new attorney, but how much confidence can you have in the attorney's discretion? For more information about how the law protects your communications with your attorney, read on.   What is Attorney-Client Privilege? The legal concept of attorney-client privilege means that all communications between you and your attorney is private and protected.

2 September 2015

4 Estate Planning Documents That Everyone Should Have


Thinking about your eventual death may not be pleasant, but if you want to ensure that your wishes are followed after your death, or in the event that you become mentally or physically incapacitated, it is important to put your discomfort aside and create several important estate planning documents. These documents are not easy and straightforward to write, so it is in your best interest to consult an estate planning attorney to ensure that everything is done correctly and is legally binding.

1 September 2015

Writing A Will? Here Are 3 Tips To Help You


Writing your own will can be a challenge. Because you may be new to the process, it can be easy to make mistakes that affect your family and friends after you pass away. Here are some will writing tips that can help you avoid problems for your loved ones in the future.   Name an Executor When you pass on, the executor of your will is entrusted with settling your affairs.

31 August 2015