Limiting Costs after Causing an Oil Spill


In 2014, the Obama administration increased the liability for companies involved in oil spills. The company that is responsible for an oil spill must pay for all removal costs and must also pay for any damages caused by the spill. Removal costs would include mitigation efforts that reduce the impact that the environmental spill has on the welfare of locals. Damages can include lost property, lost profits, lost tax revenue, and the destruction of natural resources.

27 August 2015

Going Over The Assets For Divorce? 5 Items You Shouldn't Forget


You're going through a divorce and an attorney, like the ones at Karp Law Offices, has told you to document the worth your family's assets. You can only think of the cash you have in your checking account. If you leave it at that, you're going to be doing yourself a huge disservice. Take a step back and think of all the other assets you and your spouse share. If you're still having a difficult time, here's a list of the assets you should be including in your documentation.

26 August 2015