How A Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help You Protect Yourself


If you are considering pursuing a sexual harassment case against your employer, it can be really helpful to get a sexual harassment lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Here are a few ways that a sexual harassment lawyer can assist you and help you protect yourself throughout the experience that you are going through at work.

#1 Document Your Harassment

Your attorney can help you document all the harassment that you experience as well as all conversations that you have with your employer about the harassment that you experienced. When you try to document something that happened to you on your own, it is easy to leave things out.

When you have an attorney assist you, they can ask you questions and help probe your memory so that you create as accurate a documentation of what happened as you possible can. You can also call your attorney and leave a message whenever you encounter harassment at the workplace, and later go through and write more detailed documentations of the incident. Your attorney can help ensure that you don't forget to document something that is happening to you. Having a detailed recorded can be the key to any legal cases you bring in the future.

#2 Help You With Reporting Issues To Your Employer

It is not always easy to talk to your employer about the harassment that you are experiencing at work. Your attorney can help coach you on what to say to your employer when you approach them about the issue. They can help you create and craft a written statement that you can present to your employer that details the harassment that you are experiencing.

Your attorney can also help you prepare for your employer's response. Your employer may be indifferent, sympathetic or defensive. Your attorney can help you prepare for whatever type of response you may encounter. They can act out with you and help you prepare and build confidence for that moment.

#3 Keep Track Of Your Employer's Response

Once you inform your employer of what happened, your attorney can help monitor how your employer responses to your revealing that you are experiencing harassment. Your attorney can help make sure that your employer responds as they are required to do so by law.

Your attorney can help you keep detailed records of your employer's response and they can help to ensure that your  employer does not take any negative actions against you due to your reporting.

If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, working with a sexual harassment attorney can help ensure that you are protected as you report what is happening to you and deal with the response from your employer. 


3 October 2016

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