Divvying Up An Estate? Two Reasons Why You Should Hire A Probate Attorney


If someone you know has recently passed away and has left behind an estate that must be divided up among survivors, you may think that the task can be handled without third party assistance.  However divvying up an estate can be an extremely intricate legal matter, and because of this, it's best to have the assistance of a qualified probate lawyer to help with the job.  Use this information to learn two reasons why you absolutely must hire a probate lawyer when you're settling an estate.

A Probate Attorney Could Help You Avoid A Court Battle

One of the main reasons why it's such a good idea to hire a probate attorney is because they may be able to help you avoid a court battle.  Few things can get as nasty as a fight among family members who are all vying for a piece of an estate.

Even if it seems that your family is getting along, it's still best to have an attorney.  They can draft documents for each party to sign as proof should someone decide later on that they aren't pleased with their share of the estate.  You need documents that will stand up in court, and this means they should include legal verbiage that carefully articulates the terms of the estate agreement.

If your lawyer senses that tensions are starting to rise and one or more persons may be thinking about filing a lawsuit, the attorney can quell these flames by amending certain aspects of the estate settlement or using persuasive words to let the individual know about the downsides of filing a lawsuit.

Probate Lawyers Help Settle Debts

Another reason why it's so good to have a probate attorney on your side is because they help to settle debts.  This is vital because you wouldn't want to have outstanding debt out there, since this could later on give a creditor the right to extract the money from the people who benefited from the estate.

Your attorney will let you know about the laws in your state, and can help you determine the best way to dole out the estate so that there is as little tax liability as possible.

Hiring a probate lawyer could prove to be one of the best decisions you could have made.  Contact a probate attorney such as Patricia K Wood Atty right away so you can get the estate matters taken care of in the most efficient way possible.


15 September 2016

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