PTSD: What To Do When The Insurance Company Refuses To Pay


If you develop post-traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD) after a car accident, you may experience a number of psychological problems that interfere with your life. PTSD requires additional medical care to get through the psychological problems it brings in your life. But if the other driver's insurance company doesn't want to pay for your psychological therapy, contact a car accident attorney right away. Here are things you should know about PTSD and how a car accident attorney fights for the compensation.

How Does PTSD Affect You After Your Accident?

PTSD can be very problematic for you if the condition keeps you from driving or getting inside any type of vehicle because of your car accident. If you develop an intense fear of headlights, honking horns or even being in close proximity of vehicles, you can't return to work after your physical injuries heal. Your emotional problems become worse if you can't find employment within walking distance of your home, which means you can't pay your living expenses on time.

Psychological therapy for your PTSD helps you overcome your fears so that you can return to work and live your life. But you may not have the financial means or health insurance to continue your therapy or medications on a long-term basis. The only way to do so is for the other driver's insurance company to cover the costs of your therapy until you feel well enough to move forward with your life.

An accident attorney steps in and fights for the compensation you need for your therapy sessions and medications.

What Can a Car Accident Attorney Obtain Your Compensation?

One of the things an auto accident attorney does is prove that your PTSD occurred because of your accident and isn't a pre-existing condition. A pre-existing condition describes a medical problem that you experience prior to developing something else.

A number of insurance providers refuse to compensate or cover these types of medical problems because it's more cost-effective for them. But until your car accident, you lived a healthy, productive lifestyle that didn't interfere with your ability to work or drive.

The car accident attorney may send you to qualified therapists who can diagnose your PTSD correctly. The therapists may ask you questions about your childhood and adult life to find out if you had undiagnosed PTSD.

One of the things about PTSD is how it develops. PTSD generally develops when you experience something extremely frightening, dangerous, life-threatening, or damaging to your physical and emotional well-being.

If you didn't experience anything like the issues above until the time of your car accident, the therapists can document it for your attorney. The attorney can pursue your case in court because they have the evidence they need to obtain your medications and therapeutic treatment.

If you want to learn more about your case, contact a car accident lawyer in your area. Check out websites like for more information.


17 September 2015

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